Flat Gaskets


Flat gasket for SPRAYVIT L
Illustration shows item No. 1349.021.A

Flat gaskets
Flat gasket 1349.021.A

  item no. info description
1349.005 1349.005 Flat gasket for multi-connector
Color red or grey (Note: Please make sure to use the right diameter!)
1349.021.A 1349.021.A Flat gasket for SPRAYVIT L
1349.045.27 1349.045.27 Flat gasket for KaVo® 1060/1062
1349.132 1349.132 Flat gasket
for instrument-side Castellini/Anthos/Stern Weber coupling
9331.50.001 9331.50.001 Flat gasket for M5 made of PA
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