Holder/Holder Bar/Holder Valve


MC holder bar


holder bar holder handle   holder

     thread cover


holder bar holder handle


Holder valve for instrument control
Illustration shows item No. 8101.587100

MC Standardköcher  
Holder valve12 mm
          34 mm


  Info Holder valve is suitable
  for MC standard holder.


Info    The holder handle can be attached on both sides.
   Hence you may want to order the handle and the cover (for the side not in use) as well!

  item no. info description
1101.4732.05 1101.4732.05 Holder bar handle with external thread M16x1.5
for adjusting the tilt angle of the holder bar
1101.47331.05 1101.47331.05 MC thread cover Ø 28 mm
for closing the handle side not in use of holder bar 8001.100.*
1101.4751 1101.4751 Standard holder turbine, motor
(suitable for MC holder bar)
1101.4752 1101.4752 Standard holder syringe
(suitable for MC holder bar)
1101.4752.1 1101.4752.1 Standard holder Luzzani syringe
(suitable for MC holder bar)
1101.4753 1101.4753 Standard holder scaler
(suitable for MC holder bar)
8001.101.K4.2 8001.101.K4.2 Holder bar for 4 holders
with internal thread incl. grub screw M3 and M5
8001.101.K6.2 8001.101.K6.2 Holder bar for 6 holders
with internal thread incl. grub screw M3 and M5
8101.587100 8101.587100 Handpiece holder valve for instrument control NO
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