Water Bottle System Clean Water

for mounting ON unit (via angle) or for mounting IN unit (from below)

for mounting ON type with mounting bracket stainless steel or white

with thread for S-Stream bottles with standard thread for e. g. DCI® bottles

Water Bottle System

Adjustable for any treatment unit:

  • Mounting bracket for mounting on treatment unit
  • Water bottle connected to pressure air (with automated pressure air regulator)
  • Automatic pressure air release when bottle is exchanged
  • CE approved


Mytronic Clean Water System for hygienic safety

  • The Mytronic water bearing hoses are approved for use with drinking water and are biocompatible.
  • Our hoses are tested in compliance with DVGW-worksheet no. W 270* (reduction of micro-biological growth such as biofilm, fungi and bacteria in drinking water applications).


The Mytronic water bottle system is also available with a higher water flow rate for cup filling!
Please contact us for further details!


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Stainless steel version
for mounting ON type with or without mounting bracket

Wasserflaschensystem Edelstahl

Mounting IN type
with thread
for S-Stream bottles/
with standard thread
for e.g. DCI® bottles

Wasserflaschensystem Einbau                           Wasserflaschensystem Einbau


Adapter Kit for ADEC® Bottle System

  • easy conversion of the ADEC® bottle system to the Mytronic bottle system
  • water bottle is connected to compressed air (regulated by an automatic pressure regulator)
  • air pressure stops automatically when water bottle is exchanged
Umbausatz ADEC