Mytronic Bottle System

for mounting on unit with / without mounting bracket or for built in unit (mounting from below)

Mounting on unit version with mounting bracket stainless steel or white


Hygienic safety thanks for the Mytronic bottle system

Can be converted for any dental unit:

  • Mounting on the dental unit with and without a mounting bracket
  • Built in the dental unit
  • Connection of the water bottle to the compressed air (reduced by an automatic pressure regulator)

Technical safety

  • The Mytronic Bottle System is biocompatible.
  • The water carrying hoses are tested according to DIN EN 15421*.
  • Approved as medical device class 1 according to MDR.
  • Automatic stop of compressed air for bottle change.
  • Validated reprocessing.
  • Easy filling and cleaning due to large bottle neck.
* Reduction of microbiological growth such as bioslime, fungi and bacteria in the drinking water area

Built in unit version

For built in the dental unit


Labeling on customer request possible!

The bottle can be labeled by printing and laser



Info The Mytronic Bottle System is also available with a higher water flow for cup filling!
       For more information, please contact us!


You can download our technical data sheet here:

The S-Stream-bottles cannot be used with the new Mytronic Bottle System!
The Mytronic bottles are compatible with the Clean Water Bottle systems already installed!