MC 3FP/3FP-S Syringe

are available in straight or angled form

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Spritzen in folgenden Varianten verfügbar - jeweils in gerader und abgewinkelter Form:


Info   Sleeves are available for different types of instrument holders
   (please inform us which syringe has been used previously)!


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Info   General Information

  • Weighs: only 35 g About 2/3 less than a regular metal syringe!
  • Syringe with quick disconnect feature for mounting disposable syringe tips, Stropko Irrigator, autoclavable metal syringe tips.
  • Clear separation of air and water according to European standard (air on the left, water on the right) or according to US standard (air on the right, water on the left).
  • Push buttons for proper dosing of air and water.
  • Almost no release of heat due to HTC-polyacetal finish.
  • Soft grip to avoid slipping and ensure safe use.
  • Service-friendly control valves.
  • No metal abrasion on holder.
  • Company logo may be imprinted (upon request).
  • Optional: Syringe head removable for easy cleaning; with quick shut-off for water and air in the hose.
  • CE approved.


Choose between our two standard versions:

  • with grey push buttons and quartz grey soft grip or
  • with blue/green push buttons and light blue soft grip

Info   We will be pleased to assist you by phone to select the syringe version for you needs!


Soft grip is available in the following colours
quarz grey pink violet lightblue green
Softgrip quarzgrau 1349.111.21 Softgrip pink 1349.111.29 Softgrip violett 1349.111.28 Softgrip Lichtblau 1349.111.27 Softgrip minttuerkis 1349.111.33



Supply includes:
1 metal syringe tip and 2 disposable syringe tips

Metall Kanüle und zwei Einwegkanuelen


Syringe and hose are also
available in black upon request.
Please feel free to contuct us!

Spritze schwarz


Adapter for MC 3FP-S syringe
for disinfection process
(available for version 3 with
removeable syringe head)

tl_files/images/Produktbilder/1101.0483.05 - Adapter fuer MC 3FP-S Spritze fuer Desinfektionsvorgang 1.png          tl_files/images/Produktbilder/1101.0483.05 - Adapter fuer MC 3FP-S Spritze fuer Desinfektionsvorgang 2.png

For Mytronic mounting holders to use
with syringe please see next pages!